Desserts & CAKEs

We make amazing cakes and desserts using only the finest of ingredients.  What you put in determines what you get out!  At Time Out Café we are always delighted to be part of someone’s special day by helping our customers celebrate it with a homemade speciality cake or one of our homemade desserts, like our legendary Lemon Meringue pie. We love trying new recipes and techniques and there’s little we won't do in search of cake perfection.  That’s why we make every addition to our cakes and cupcakes – meringues, curds, sauces, brittles, caramels and more – from scratch, and why every cake is baked and decorated fresh to order.

All our artisan speciality black, herbal and fruit Suki teas can also be prepared as a takeaway alongside our artisan Greenbean Coffee and Greenbean Hot Chocolate. Whether you like a ‘Belfast Brew’ or a fabulous flat white we can help you hit the spot!